UD Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette swatches


I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay palettes in general and I got the Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette months back when it was newly released.

As there is a huge sale going on at the moment on this palette (it’s  $25 now; it originally retailed for $58!), I thought now is the best time to show you some swatches and give an overview on the palette!

This is a complete neutral palette with some beautiful jewel tones thrown in there and the texture of the eyeshadows did not dissapoint at all. They’re buttery, pigmented and the shimmery shades in this palette has less fall out than the other UD palettes. So if you were looking for a ‘go to’ neutral palette and like the colours in this one, this might be the best opportunity to find a high end one at such a cheap price! I say, go for it! 💖

The first row
The second row
The third row

Makeup Geek * Manny Mua Palette swatches and reviews

The first time I laid my eyes on this palette, I instantly knew that I had to have it!Recently I have been obsessed with warm toned palettes and this palette looked like a perfect addition to my makeup collection because I can use this for creating very basic everyday looks as well as super gorgeous looks for the night time!

Having said all that, I did detect some similarities in the shades with some of the palettes I already own (Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and Lime Crime Venus palette especially) but in the end I gave in to the temptation and bought this. A girl’s gotta find out for herself and show her followers the comparison swatches, right?! At least that’s how I justified buying this ( :p ) and to tell you the truth, I didn’t regret my decision one bit (total win)!



See how gorgeous this palette is?

There are nine shadows, out of which, three are preexisting in the MUG eyeshadow range and one is found in the form of loose pigment. Among the nine shades, five are matte shadows, two shimmers and two foiled eyeshadows.


First Row: Artemis, Beaches and Cream, Luna

Artemis: This is a very soft, buttery, frosty shadow which is described as a ‘muted champagne yellow’ but looks more silvery white on my skin. It is a super pigmented shade and you just need the slightest amount to get this colour payoff. This shadow is ideal for use as a highlighter on the the inner corners of the eyes or on the entire lids too.

Beaches and Cream: This is a preexisting shade and is described as a ‘soft peachy beige’. True to its description, it is a warm peachy beige with a matte finish. This can be used as a transition shade; the texture is soft and it kicks up a small amount of powder when I use my blending brush to pick up the product.

Luna: This is described as a ‘medium rose gold with foiled finish’, however, I found it leaning more towards a medium copper rather than a true rose gold. It is intensely pigmented, has a foiled finish and is creamy in texture, overall a very beautiful colour.


Second Row: Cosmopolitan, Sora, Frappe

Cosmopolitan: Described as a ‘gold flecked medium rose’ , this is another beautiful frosted shade with gold flecks that leans more peachy/coral than rosy. This can be worn alone on the lids and it looks even more stunning when applied on top of a black base. For me, this shadow is one of my top favourites in this palette!

Sora: is described as a ‘medium earthy terracotta’ which I fine very true to its description. I thought this looked quite similar to, although, darker than ‘Salted Caramel’ from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which i always use as my transition shade (see comparison swatches below). It has a matte finish is a very beautiful warm toned shadow.

Frappe: Now, this is one shadow that came across as a bit rough and not so soft and buttery like the others. It is described as a ‘medium maple brown’  which I agree with. I had some difficulties swatching this because of its rough texture and I did not find it as pigmented as the other shadows in the palette.


Third Row: Insomnia, Mars, Aphrodite

Insomnia: At the risk of sounding crazy, I’d like to declare that this is the shadow which probably made me buy the entire palette (I know, I know you can find this in loose pigment form, but I find myself reaching for pigments quite rarely) and when I was weighing in my mind why I wanted this palette so bad, it was Insomnia which always kept popping up in front of my eyes! Enough CANNOT be said about this colour; it is said to be a ‘warm red brown with blue reflects’ but I find that description failing to even depict how stunning the colour is! It has indeed a warm red brown base with blue and teal sheen to it that is absolutely stunning. It has a very buttery and creamy consistency and glides on smoothly and is super pigmented. This shadow turned out to be even better than I had imagined and that is saying something as I had some very high expectations from it!

Mars: As much as Insomnia exceeded my expectations, Mars disappointed me equally. It is described as a ‘deep cherry red’ and has a matte finish. I particularly have a soft corner for cherry reds and raspberry reds and I really wanted to love this shadow. It was the second most eagerly awaited shade for me in this palette. But, alas! It has an extremely rough, sandy formula which I didn’t expect at all from MUG eyeshadows. I had a very hard time swatching this and when applied with a brush, it does tend to be a bit patchy. Having said that, it can still be worked with but the texture left a lot to be desired!

Aphrodite: It is a ‘deep plum brown’ and has a matte finish. This can be used as a liner or to smoke your eyes out although it can be a bit difficult to blend  and can be a bit messy since it has some fallout.

Overall Verdict: In spite of my severe disappointment in Mars, I actually love this palette and I think for $45, it is every bit worth it!


Here are a few comparison swatches for similar shades I have in my Too face Chocolate bar palette and Lime Crime Venus palette.


MUG Artemis  vs   Too Faced Champagne Truffle (Chocolate Bar Palette)

MUG Artemis is a lot more pigmented and creamy in texture in comparison to Too Faced Champagne Truffle. Also, Champagne Truffle is warmer, more yellowish than Artemis.




MUG Artemis   vs   Lime Crime Aura (Venus palette)

These two are almost the same in terms of texture and colour, although Lime Crime Aura leans a bit more Champagne than Artemis.



MUG  Sora  vs   Too Faced Salted Caramel (Chocolate Bar Palette)

As I said earlier, Salted Caramel has been my ‘go to’ transition shade, but given that Sora is warmer than the former, this might just be my new favourite in transition shades!



MUG  Mars  (one swipe)  vs   Lime Crime Muse (Venus palette)

These picture says it all. This is one swipe of Mars versus one swipe of Lime Crime Muse. Muse is way more buttery, soft and pigmented than Mars and whenever I’d want to use this colour on my eyes, there’s no doubt which one I’ll prefer!



MUG Aphrodite   vs   Lime Crime Icon (Venus palette)

Although Lime Crime Icon is a tad bit darker than Aphrodite, these two are very similar in texture, pigmentation and colour and can be used interchangeably.


All the MUG shades swatched together!

Hope you guys enjoyed the review!  🙂

Favourite skin care product of the month!


Hey Girls, by now most of you have probably heard about the brand Essence of Venus which has launched in Bangladesh. For those of you who are not aware of it, here is a quick overview:

  • They produce fresh handmade products
  • All the products are organic
  • They cater to skin, body and hair care needs
  • Aromatherapy and natural ingredients are used
  • All ingredients are imported from UK and France
  • Free from parabens, gluten and sulfates.
  • Personal consultation is provided for individual customers to make the product more effective for every user.

Before the launch I was sent a care package which included the Coconut Coffee scrub that I am going to review today.

How to use: First clean your face with your usual facial cleanser. Then apply the scrub on your wet skin and scrub it in circular motions. Wet your hands repeatedly and keep on scrubbing for about two minutes. Let the goodness of the caffeine sip into your skin. Then wash it off and apply a suitable cream or moisturiser.

How it worked on my skin: The care package was sent to me during my pregnancy when my skin was at its dull and lifeless worst and nothing was working on me! When I started using this scrub it was with no expectation whatsoever given that all else had failed to revive my skin. I would not say that it worked miracles from the first time I used it but my skin did feel immediately refreshed and very soft. Over time the scrub really started showing its results on me- after every use I noticed that my skin was left smoother, more supple and glowing than before. I usually took my time with the scrub and it soon became a favourite part of my beauty routine! I would scrub my face for about two minutes and then leave it a bit longer on my skin occasionally patting on water to it to really let the coffee and coconut blend work its magic on my skin. I use this scrub once a week and my skin looks better with each use, so much so that I actually get tempted to reach for it more often- and the delicious aroma of coffee in it just adds to the temptation! Fun fact: I actually used this right before I went to the hospital to deliver my baby because I wanted to look ‘fresh and glowing’ during my stay at the hospital!

Overall verdict: Of course I have come to love this product for the results it has provided. I use it on my face and neck once a week and sometimes twice a week when my skin needs a little bit of ‘pick-me-up’ thanks to all the sleepless nights with my little one! I would totally recommend this to others, especially expectant mothers who are struggling with the same skin problems that I did. However, people with sensitive skin should not use it on the face, rather they can use it for the rest of the body because it is a rather powerful scrub.

Those of you who are interested in trying out this and other products by Essence of Venus, here is their Facebook page link:  https://www.facebook.com/essenceofvenusbd/?fref=ts



Colourpop Ultra Matte swatches and reviews


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks have been hands down the most popular liquid lipsticks that have been trending from the last year! These lipsticks come in beautiful shades, I’m almost all hues u can think of and are super cheap (they retail for only $6)! But how consistent is the formula and how do they really rate when it comes to application? Let’s find out individually!

Clueless: This is a pretty, pinkish nude which has a lot of white in it and thus it can wash out people with wheatish complexions. Personally, I can’t wear this alone on my bare face- I have to have some makeup on for this to really flatter my NC 35 skin. It dries down to a complete matte finish and is transfer proof, the application is quite smooth and stays on for about 4-5 hours on me.

Lumiere 2: This is a dirty lavender shade which oxidises a lot on the lips and turns way darker than it appears upon application. Having said that, I do really like how it turns out to be a darker lavender shade because that compliments my skin more than the pale lavender that it is at first. Again, like clueless, I feel that I need some makeup on to look good in this lipstick. I own Lumiere as well but the ultra matte version looks a lot different on my lips than the original Lumiere. The formula of this one is a bit more sticky than the rest and stays on for more than 8 hours on me!

Beeper: Now, this is a perfect brownish nude on my lips. It’s very comfortable to wear, I can layer this on as much as I want to. The application and texture both are very smooth. It’s not as drying as most of the other ulta mattes and gives me a very comfortable wear for about 6-7 hours!

Stingraye: This is a medium-dark mauve shade with hints of brown in it. In most swatches it looks a lot like Tulle but on the lips it is much lighter than Tulle. Also the mauve in it peeks out more. This is a very flattering shade on most skin tones and the texture is quite smooth and comfortable to wear. It lasted a good 10 hours on me without budging and then too I had to struggle to get it off my lips at the end of the day!

Tulle: On the hand swatches this appears to be almost exactly like Stingraye, but in reality it is darker than Stingraye. On my lips it’s a very deep brown with the slightest hint of mauve in it. It might be due to the pigmentation of my lips, but this is one lipstick that looks very different on my lips from what it shows up like on the swatches. Nevertheless, it is a very pretty colour!

Chilly chilli: This has to be the most unique lipstick I own. In the swatches it looks a lot like Tulle but in person it’s a very dark brown with cool ashy undertones to it. I feel that it’s a very unique colour and is perfect for those fall ‘dark lips, winged liner’ looks. One of my favourites!

Bumble: This is a very very pretty medium terra cotta shade with hints of coral in it. I’ve seen this shade appear different on different people- it shows up pinkish on some, peachy on others and sometimes brownish on a few individuals too. This is another favourite of mine because it’s a very low maintenance lipstick for me. It looks good on me even when I have no makeup on and is very comfortable too. I can reapply it too without it getting too thick or sticky on the lips!

Scrooge: This is a perfect rosy pink shade for me that is not too bright or not too dark. This one does not dry down to a 100% matte finish and is somewhat transferable. However, it is still a matte lipstick which can be paired perfectly with dark smokey eyes or a simple day time look.

Creeper: A beautiful bright true red which will instantly give a pop of colour to your face. This is a beautiful red for all skin tones, dries down to a totally matte finish and lasts for about 6-7 hours.

Silhouette: Most pictures/swatches that I’ve seen of this lipstick online had been very misleading. When I swatched it on my hands, it was love at first sight! It’s a very sexy blue based red which is darker than Creeper and is so pretty that I declared it to be the most beautiful red I own! A very flattering shade for most skin tones, although it doesn’t dry down completely. It also is not transfer or kiss proof but even after the transfer there’s enough colour left on the lips for it to look untouched and still sexy and neat!

Avenue: Avenue is another stunning shade which is a dark red with hints of brown in it. I found it to be a tad bit more drying than rest of the Ultra mattes (save Highball) and found that it flakes off a bit towards the inner portions of the lips. However, it can be easily retouched and reapplied without the formula/texture getting sticky or thick or uneven. This is another of my favourites from the Ultra matte range.

More Better: It’s described as a violet wine shade in the website and that is exactly what it is. It appears more red toned on some and more of a grape colour on others depending on the skin tone. Either way it is a stunning colour that everyone I know loves! This one is also not completely transfer proof but is very comfortable to wear and lasts for more than 8 hours on me.

Mars: Colour wise it is a gorgeous hot pink lipstick with reddish undertones but the formula of mine is one of the worst I’ve faced so far. It crumbles off my lips within about 30 minutes of applying and spreads on my chin that too without eating or drinking or even speaking much for that matter! I haven’t heard this complaint from anyone else about Mars so maybe I just got a bad batch!

Highball: It’s a neon pink lipstick which is very blue based and is probably the brightest pink lipstick I own. However, the formula is so bad that I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this. First of all, it’s extremely dry, patchy and just cannot be used on its own! During application it leaves a lot of bald patches which just cannot be fixed and if you try applying another layer to make it more even, it gets more patchy and simply crumbles off the lips. The only way I can use this is by applying a very thin layer of it on top of another creamy lipstick. So frustrating!

Lychee: It’s a beautiful purple lipstick that I’ve worn all the time last winter. It’s a perfect purple lipstick for me which doesn’t lean too fuchsia or too blue. It has a nice smooth texture and is comfortable to wear. It lasts for an average of 8 hours on my lips.

Overall verdict:

There are hits and misses with the formula of these lipsticks but that’s something u have to totally expect from a $6 range liquid lipstick. And if you look at the whole range, the colours and the formula of most of them, I’d say they’re really worth the hype!


Products used:

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 3w2 and 3w1

Clinique Airbrush concealer No.2 Medium

Maybelline Clear Glow Compact Powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder

Sleek contour kit- medium

Elysium Alpha foundation brush, Beta Z contour brush, (discount code: Tania21)

Body shop face & body brush


Eyes & brows:

Makeup Revolution Ultra brow kit- Dark to Extra Dark

Morphe brushes 35P palette

Clinique cheek pop in Berry pop

Flormar felt tip liner

Lakme Iconic Kajal in Black

Mac Zoom Lashes Mascara



Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Bumble


The star of this makeup look was the Morphe brushes 35P palette. It has beautiful Plum, Mauve, Brown and Lavender shades which are very pigmented and blendable too.


For this eye makeup, I’ve used my Clinique blush as a transition shade on the crease and intensified it with a combination of two mauve shades (4th shadows at the top and 2nd row) from the Morphe palette. To achieve the halo effect on my lids, I’ve used two purple shadows (last two shadows at the 3rd row) from the same palette at the inner and outer corner of my eyes and at last used the stunningly gorgeous frosty lavender shade (last shadow on the top row) in the middle of my lids and blended the seams so that no demarcation is visible.


Morphe brushes 35P palette


Elysium brushes: review and discount code

Elysium brushes will be, in my opinion, the next big thing in the world of makeup and beauty. They have a wide range of makeup brushes amongst which many are multitasking. I was sent this Elysium deluxe set consisting of 17 brushes.


To be honest with u, before seeing the brushes in person, I didn’t have very high expectations, but once I used them, I fell in love! The brushes look luxurious and chic and are very soft to touch.They have both synthetic brushes and those made of natural hair too! Needless to say, the synthetic ones are meant to be used in conjunction with creamy and liquid products, whereas the natural hair ones are meant for powdery products. Interestingly, the brushes have been all given mathematical names such as Alpha, Beta, Multiplication, Division etc.They have a wide range of brushes tailored to give u that perfect base and perfectly blended eyeshadows. In order to write this review, I have used all seventeen of the brushes to see what they individually are like- and I have to say these brushes deliver what they promise! The performance of the brushes are spot on and the only minor issue I faced is, the Infinity brush which is meant to be used as the powder brush had quite a lot of fall out during the first usage. However, once I had cleaned it and used it the second day, the issue had fixed itself!

All in all, the quality of these brushes are amazing and for the price, these brushes are an absolute steal!

You can check out their website to see the various sets they have customised or you can buy the brushes individually too.

Since I am an affiliate of the company, you can get a discount on the brushes by using my discount code: Tania21

For international followers and cardholders, you can get a 10% discount on the brushes if u order directly through their website (you just need to use the discount code that I’ve provided during checkout):


Or if you are a resident of Bangladesh, you can order through the following link to order the brushes:


and get a 5% discount by using the same code: Tania21

Hope you enjoy your brushes as much as I did!

Estee Lauder double wear stay in place foundation

Hello Lovelies!

Last night as soon as I posted my recent mini haul on my Facebook page and a few groups, a lot of people started requesting for a review on the Estee Lauder double wear foundation. Now, I know that this is one review that has been done to mummification,yet here’s my take on it! 🙂

Estee lauder double wear is a very good foundation if you want full coverage. It’s really good for oily skin and stays on for at least a good 10 hours without fading or budging from its place! However, I still feel the need to set it with a little bit of powder right after I blend the foundation in because I have combination-oily skin. This foundation is actually quite light weight for the coverage that it gives but is a bit more sticky than most other regular foundations that I use. Once on the face, it dries very quickly, so you would have to work quite fast with it to get that flawless finish. I usually use a good stippling brush to apply this all over my face and then i like to blend it with a damp beauty blender so that it blends in seamlessly.

This foundation would definitely give you a made-up look which is great for weddings, date nights and other occasions but I feel that it’s not for everyday use. For regular use, I like my foundation to be more sheer, but if you need/like the extra coverage for daily use, then do go ahead! 🙂

Now, in terms of colour it’s quite a tricky foundation for us brown skinned girls! Most of the shades have pinkish or peachy undertones..yellow shades of this foundation is pretty hard to come by so in my opinion, if you are looking for a yellow based shade, try this out on yourselves before buying it. I had seen a lot of swatches online and I thought I had figured out which shade to get. I also got recommendations from different makeup artists too but when I used those shades, they didn’t flatter my complexion at all. Although I’m providing you with swatches of all the ELDW foundations I own, I’d still recommend u to actually try it out before buying this!


Here are the comparison swatches that I’ve done:


I’ve photographed the swatches under white light so you can get an idea of what they really look like. As you can see, 3w1 looks pretty close to MAC studio fix in NC 35, yet while NC35 matches my facial skin, 3w1 makes me look quite ashy. On the other hand, 3w2 looks darker than NC 35 and NC 40 too- yet it flatters me almost to perfection. Another reason for this might be that the ELDW foundations when blended turn out to be brighter than they originally look while swatching!

As for dupes of this foundation, I’d say MAC pro longwear would be very close to it in terms of coverage and longevity.

It retails for $38 in Sephora and I got it for Tk.4500 here in Bangladesh.

So all in all, ELDW is a great foundation as long as you can find the perfect shade for yourself, otherwise it can be quite unforgiving on the skin!