Makeup Geek * Manny Mua Palette swatches and reviews

The first time I laid my eyes on this palette, I instantly knew that I had to have it!Recently I have been obsessed with warm toned palettes and this palette looked like a perfect addition to my makeup collection because I can use this for creating very basic everyday looks as well as super gorgeous looks for the night time!

Having said all that, I did detect some similarities in the shades with some of the palettes I already own (Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and Lime Crime Venus palette especially) but in the end I gave in to the temptation and bought this. A girl’s gotta find out for herself and show her followers the comparison swatches, right?! At least that’s how I justified buying this ( :p ) and to tell you the truth, I didn’t regret my decision one bit (total win)!



See how gorgeous this palette is?

There are nine shadows, out of which, three are preexisting in the MUG eyeshadow range and one is found in the form of loose pigment. Among the nine shades, five are matte shadows, two shimmers and two foiled eyeshadows.


First Row: Artemis, Beaches and Cream, Luna

Artemis: This is a very soft, buttery, frosty shadow which is described as a ‘muted champagne yellow’ but looks more silvery white on my skin. It is a super pigmented shade and you just need the slightest amount to get this colour payoff. This shadow is ideal for use as a highlighter on the the inner corners of the eyes or on the entire lids too.

Beaches and Cream: This is a preexisting shade and is described as a ‘soft peachy beige’. True to its description, it is a warm peachy beige with a matte finish. This can be used as a transition shade; the texture is soft and it kicks up a small amount of powder when I use my blending brush to pick up the product.

Luna: This is described as a ‘medium rose gold with foiled finish’, however, I found it leaning more towards a medium copper rather than a true rose gold. It is intensely pigmented, has a foiled finish and is creamy in texture, overall a very beautiful colour.


Second Row: Cosmopolitan, Sora, Frappe

Cosmopolitan: Described as a ‘gold flecked medium rose’ , this is another beautiful frosted shade with gold flecks that leans more peachy/coral than rosy. This can be worn alone on the lids and it looks even more stunning when applied on top of a black base. For me, this shadow is one of my top favourites in this palette!

Sora: is described as a ‘medium earthy terracotta’ which I fine very true to its description. I thought this looked quite similar to, although, darker than ‘Salted Caramel’ from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which i always use as my transition shade (see comparison swatches below). It has a matte finish is a very beautiful warm toned shadow.

Frappe: Now, this is one shadow that came across as a bit rough and not so soft and buttery like the others. It is described as a ‘medium maple brown’  which I agree with. I had some difficulties swatching this because of its rough texture and I did not find it as pigmented as the other shadows in the palette.


Third Row: Insomnia, Mars, Aphrodite

Insomnia: At the risk of sounding crazy, I’d like to declare that this is the shadow which probably made me buy the entire palette (I know, I know you can find this in loose pigment form, but I find myself reaching for pigments quite rarely) and when I was weighing in my mind why I wanted this palette so bad, it was Insomnia which always kept popping up in front of my eyes! Enough CANNOT be said about this colour; it is said to be a ‘warm red brown with blue reflects’ but I find that description failing to even depict how stunning the colour is! It has indeed a warm red brown base with blue and teal sheen to it that is absolutely stunning. It has a very buttery and creamy consistency and glides on smoothly and is super pigmented. This shadow turned out to be even better than I had imagined and that is saying something as I had some very high expectations from it!

Mars: As much as Insomnia exceeded my expectations, Mars disappointed me equally. It is described as a ‘deep cherry red’ and has a matte finish. I particularly have a soft corner for cherry reds and raspberry reds and I really wanted to love this shadow. It was the second most eagerly awaited shade for me in this palette. But, alas! It has an extremely rough, sandy formula which I didn’t expect at all from MUG eyeshadows. I had a very hard time swatching this and when applied with a brush, it does tend to be a bit patchy. Having said that, it can still be worked with but the texture left a lot to be desired!

Aphrodite: It is a ‘deep plum brown’ and has a matte finish. This can be used as a liner or to smoke your eyes out although it can be a bit difficult to blend  and can be a bit messy since it has some fallout.

Overall Verdict: In spite of my severe disappointment in Mars, I actually love this palette and I think for $45, it is every bit worth it!


Here are a few comparison swatches for similar shades I have in my Too face Chocolate bar palette and Lime Crime Venus palette.


MUG Artemis  vs   Too Faced Champagne Truffle (Chocolate Bar Palette)

MUG Artemis is a lot more pigmented and creamy in texture in comparison to Too Faced Champagne Truffle. Also, Champagne Truffle is warmer, more yellowish than Artemis.




MUG Artemis   vs   Lime Crime Aura (Venus palette)

These two are almost the same in terms of texture and colour, although Lime Crime Aura leans a bit more Champagne than Artemis.



MUG  Sora  vs   Too Faced Salted Caramel (Chocolate Bar Palette)

As I said earlier, Salted Caramel has been my ‘go to’ transition shade, but given that Sora is warmer than the former, this might just be my new favourite in transition shades!



MUG  Mars  (one swipe)  vs   Lime Crime Muse (Venus palette)

These picture says it all. This is one swipe of Mars versus one swipe of Lime Crime Muse. Muse is way more buttery, soft and pigmented than Mars and whenever I’d want to use this colour on my eyes, there’s no doubt which one I’ll prefer!



MUG Aphrodite   vs   Lime Crime Icon (Venus palette)

Although Lime Crime Icon is a tad bit darker than Aphrodite, these two are very similar in texture, pigmentation and colour and can be used interchangeably.


All the MUG shades swatched together!

Hope you guys enjoyed the review!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Makeup Geek * Manny Mua Palette swatches and reviews

  1. Thanks for this comprehensive review. Do you think colorpop bae is close dupe of insomnia? And pls create a look using insomnia 🙂


    1. I don’t own Colourpop Bae but from what I’ve seen so far in swatches, Bae looks like it has a darker red brown base than Insomnia. Sure I’ll do a look with this palette and thanks so much for the encouragement!


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