Elysium brushes: review and discount code

Elysium brushes will be, in my opinion, the next big thing in the world of makeup and beauty. They have a wide range of makeup brushes amongst which many are multitasking. I was sent this Elysium deluxe set consisting of 17 brushes.


To be honest with u, before seeing the brushes in person, I didn’t have very high expectations, but once I used them, I fell in love! The brushes look luxurious and chic and are very soft to touch.They have both synthetic brushes and those made of natural hair too! Needless to say, the synthetic ones are meant to be used in conjunction with creamy and liquid products, whereas the natural hair ones are meant for powdery products. Interestingly, the brushes have been all given mathematical names such as Alpha, Beta, Multiplication, Division etc.They have a wide range of brushes tailored to give u that perfect base and perfectly blended eyeshadows. In order to write this review, I have used all seventeen of the brushes to see what they individually are like- and I have to say these brushes deliver what they promise! The performance of the brushes are spot on and the only minor issue I faced is, the Infinity brush which is meant to be used as the powder brush had quite a lot of fall out during the first usage. However, once I had cleaned it and used it the second day, the issue had fixed itself!

All in all, the quality of these brushes are amazing and for the price, these brushes are an absolute steal!

You can check out their website to see the various sets they have customised or you can buy the brushes individually too.

Since I am an affiliate of the company, you can get a discount on the brushes by using my discount code: Tania21

For international followers and cardholders, you can get a 10% discount on the brushes if u order directly through their website (you just need to use the discount code that I’ve provided during checkout):


Or if you are a resident of Bangladesh, you can order through the following link to order the brushes:


and get a 5% discount by using the same code: Tania21

Hope you enjoy your brushes as much as I did!


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